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Cancellation Request
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Please note that cancellation will not grant you refunds. This is to cancel any current memberships. 
  • Karma Designers: With the "lifetime" membership, upon confirmation of cancellation you will be: removed from the private Facebook group and removed from our Karma Designers emails immediately. You will then be moved into our general email lists, of which you are welcome to unsubscribe from at any time.
  • Dot Eco Secrets: You may request a refund for your shipping (pre-shipment) to cancel.
  • Eco-Designer Boot Camp: The membership is 4 weeks long. You are entitled to the 14 day trial for refunds, following that refunds are at discretion of Nested Green Inc. Cancellation will be effective immediately where you will be removed from: The Private Facebook group and the Eco-Designer Business Boot Camp exclusive emails.
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