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Payment Issues
Insufficient Funds for Purchase
This can happen when your credit or debit card does not have sufficient balance necessary to cover the payment for your purchase. 
Please be sure to:
  • Check your Bank card balance: Happens to the best of us! Please check your account to ensure you did not have a surprise payment come out where it left your balance lower than expected.
  • Contact your Bank: If you are still having difficulties, please reach out to your local bank branch to determine your account. If they are unable to help you, please use an alternative payment.
Bank Declined
In most cases, our system will not inform us of a declined payment immediately. We will often receive a notice from your bank about a failed payment. 
In which case:
  • Check your Bank card balance: You may need to review your account statements, and/or reach out to your bank directly. There are occasions where your bank may freeze your account for "suspected activities", for your protection. 
  • Consider an alternative Payment: If you are still having difficulties, please use an alternative payment.
Out of Date Information
You may receive a notice from us when you are coming up on your expiry for your credit card with us or information does not line up (maybe you've recently moved). Please double check:
  • Confirm your Bank information: Please review the information provided and update your information with your bank: Full name, Address, Credit Card number with expiry and the CVV number
  • Contact your bank: For additional assistance, confirm you were not issued a new card.
  • ​Failure to resolve a payment issue: Payment will be attempted 3 times over the span of 5 days (1 day, 3 days and 5 days after initial request). If it is not resolved by then, your account will be cancelled. Eco-Designer Business Boot Camp purchases will not be admitted into the Private Facebook Group or Granted Access to Members Area until payment has been processed.
Can I get a Refund?
Please check out our Refunds Page back on the Main Page to determine if you qualify for a refund. We'd love to discuss with you.
Need Further Assistance? Let us know.
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