Karma Designers | Eco-Designer Business Boot Camp
Refund Request
This information will help us inquire further into your profile to discuss your concerns for requesting a refund outside of your trial period.

Please note, that in accordance of our Terms and Conditions, we grant refunds outside of the trial period using discretion on an individual basis.

Please see below the conditions of the 14 day trial periods, if you are not already aware:
  • Karma Designers:  Trial begins as soon as payment is made.
  • Dot Eco Secrets Book: We will let you know when the books are getting ready for shipment. You will have up until that point to refund for your free book, since you'll have only paid for shipping.
  • Eco-Designer Boot Camp: Trial time begins as soon as the class officially begins, to allow you to enjoy the waiting room and the full 2 weeks of the boot camp. Once the 2 weeks (10 videos) have been completed, you are now outside of your trial period. 
Thank you for your assistance in helping us better our programs with your feedback.

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