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Where are you located?
Katherine is located in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) and Jennifer is located in Victoria, British Columbia (Canada). Our business operates from Ottawa (Corporate headquarters is in Chelsea, Quebec). Nested Green is a local (Ottawa) business, and will operate from the Ottawa and Gatineau Region. Karma Designers is an online service, and will operate globally. We operate in USD as the greater population is in the United States of America.
What is Karma Designers?
We are a community based program designed specifically for Interior Designers and Architects (though all business types are invited!) where we focus on creating an eco-based brand. This means, with all of the marketing aside, we focus on creating an impact for a greener Earth. 
What is "Dot Eco Secrets"?
This is our book (currently in pre-order phase) where we have been compiling our notes over the last few years that hone in on our [Nested Green Inc] main philosophy, both for the business and greater impact.
What is Eco-Designer Business Boot Camp?
Our boot camp program is a 4 week (5 classes per week) contains a private Facebook group for more specialized and focused training (day-to-day) and compacted information. Students are encouraged to review the class upon release to ensure they are not going through the program too quickly. The boot camp Facebook group has specialized session start dates to ensure all students can learn together, impacting their journey and creating positive connections and networks as well as engagement. Students will only be able to use the Facebook group during the boot camp. Following the program, the Facebook group will be archived where students will still have access, but no longer be able to participate. 
How long is my membership good for?
At this time Karma Designers is a LIFETIME membership. You will be automatically renewed annually unless you opt out of the program. Following the Lifetime membership promotion, will be a monthly/annual subscription. Those who opted into the $97 Lifetime membership will not have to worry about renewed payments. If it occurs, please do let us know.
Eco-Designer Business Boot Camp is a 4 week program. You have unlimited access to the content and membership area. The designated Facebook group will only be accessible through-out the program, in which following it will be archived where students will still have access, but no longer be able to access.
Can I get a receipt?
You'll receive a statement of your purchases immediately following the purchase, where we encourage clients to print from there. Following that, an emailed copy is sent to you. If it's just a matter of having misplaced it, let us know and we'll be sure to send you a copy.
Troubles accessing my account.
For Eco-Designer Business Boot Camp Members, you will receive an email to sign up and log into your account. You'll need to use the email address associated with your purchase. 

If you need to reset your password: Please click on the forgot password link below the log in page to reset your account. Enter the email address you used to sign up, where you will receive an email with the option to reset your account. You will then be asked to create a new password. 
Please note, if you do not see the password reset email, check your junk/spam folder.

If you can't remember your email: If you cannot remember which email you used to sign up with, please reach out to us (use the form below) and we can help you track it down. Please provide as much information as possible. We will also need to verify some details to prove that you are the owner of the account.
I am frustrated...who do I talk to?
So sorry to hear that!! At this time we do not have a 1-800 number to use to contact. In the meantime, we encourage you to provide your information below so we can initiate contact. Initial communication will be through email, but following, we can arrange for a Skype, Zoom or Facebook Video/Phone call, if requested. We want to ensure we have happy customers, and always willing to turn things around!! 
For Further Assistance, please contact us through here:
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